Have you ever bought or sold a property in Saskatoon? Then at some point you have probably found yourself wondering “What the heck is Saskatoon MLS® anyways, and how does it benefit me?” Well here is a simple explanation, along with 4 reasons why you benefit from using the Saskatoon MLS® system…

It all started in the late 1800s when real estate brokers regularly gathered at the offices of their local associations to share information about properties they were trying to sell. They agreed to compensate other brokers who helped sell those properties, and the first MLS® was born.

Although it has evolved much over the past 100 years, MLS® today can be reduced to nothing more than a system of networks that allows REALTORS® to collectively share past and present property information amongst each other and with the general public.

The Saskatoon MLS® listing system provides a number of benefits to its users:

1. Consolidated Saskatoon MLS® Listings – Without MLS®, Saskatoon home buyers and sellers would have to go to each individual brokerage to access their exclusive inventory. Imagine having to visit RE/MAX, Realty Executives, Century 21 & Coldwell Banker (to name a few) every time you wanted to buy a home. Today, it’s as simple as choosing one Saskatoon REALTOR® who has access to all Saskatoon MLS® properties regardless of who the listing brokerage is.

2. Uniform Historical Data – When a property is bought or sold using the Saskatoon MLS® system, there is a plethora of data collected from the transaction. That data has endless uses that can range from micro information to help a buyer determine something as simple as a lot’s size, to macro information that is capable of shedding light on past and present market trends.

3. Accurate Pricing – Another advantage to using a Saskatoon REALTOR® is having the piece of mind that when you’re buying or selling a property, its value is consistent with recent market activity. Buying and selling privately can leave people vulnerable to paying too much for property, or selling for under market value. Without the accuracy of historical Saskatoon MLS® data, many homebuyers and sellers are just fumbling in the dark.

4. Industry Associations & Professional Standards – The Saskatoon MLS® system can only be used by registered REALTORS® who have completed extensive training. Saskatoon REALTORS® are also managed by seasoned brokers who have been in the industry for years, while both REALTORS® and brokers are managed by provincial and national governing associations like the Saskatoon Region Association of REALTORS® (SRAR) and the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA).

For most, buying a home is the single largest investment that a family will ever make. It’s not like choosing a new pair of sunglasses for the summer season. It’s an extremely high involvement purchase process. As such, accurate information needs to be provided, in both a timely manor and in a way that is easy to digest for the user. The Saskatoon MLS® system, combined with the guidance of a registered Saskatoon REALTOR®, are the most advanced and consolidated resources to help homebuyers/sellers reduce the risks involved, and hopefully have a little fun in the process!