Why Choose Black Dog Republic?

You’re going to love working with us at Black Dog Republic. From zero brokerage fees to full service support to having way more fun, here’s why you should join us…

Really Great Rewards

You won’t find a compensation plan like ours, anywhere. That’s because we’ve created it to attract you, as one of the best real estate experts in YXE. Besides, we can do what we want because we’re local. We offer zero brokerage fees, and fantastic trips that will bring prestige and recognition to your brand. We promote our trip winners and have some fun on social media to get the Black Dog word out.

Truly Amazing Marketing Support

We totally have your back with meaningful marketing support. Tap into our expertise and programs, including regular monthly promotions to help build your client relationships, and big annual promo tactics like our dramatic 2018 Camaro giveaway. Community is very important to us, so we reach out to charities and tell their stories on our Facebook page and blog. We hope it’s important to you, too. We support you with lead generation. We represent a number of builders, who often require sales support from the best.

Design is Everything

When we talk full service support, we’re not kidding. Black Dog offers you creative design for your promotional items, websites and other marketing items that could use a little shine and excitement. We want to build the best, the most community and client driven, local brokerage in YXE. If you’re interested in being part of a unique team, please call us today. Now would be even better.

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