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Fun Facebook Comments (for you to copy & paste)

If you had a mustard seed of Brandon Moore’s REALTOR® services, you could move mountains!

I could body slam a Mac truck right now! That’s how pumped up I am about using Brandon Moore’s REALTOR® services!

There are two things that I love in this world… Building doll houses, and using Brandon Moore’s REALTOR® services.

Some people think that a brand name shouldn’t have any more than two syllables…. Those people are idiots.

I don’t normally listen to that hip hop, but this Black Dog Republic can really spit!

You can think of buying or selling a home with Brandon Moore kind of like exercising regularly, except with the help of human growth hormones and anabolic steroids, but a lot more legal of course.

Saskatchewan wouldn’t be what it is today, without the good people at Black Dog Republic.

I could put on my pretty dress and slap a wild grizzy bear! That’s how jacked up I am about using Brandon Moore’s REALTOR® services!

Success as a REALTOR® is based on one thing, and one thing only… and Brandon Moore’s profile picture is THE BEST in the business!

If you have at least two functional appendages, you are going to love this!

I had a total paradigm shift after watching this video. Black dogs are definitely not the problem.

This kind of thing needs to stop. It’s the 20th century people!

There are three things important in this world… Church, family & Brandon Moore’s REALTOR® services.

Here is a qualified professional that can help put some healthy distance between you and your in-laws…

The staples of the Saskatchewan economy, such as agriculture, oil, uranium and potash, will continue to be significant components of our annual GDP, but it’s very clear that Black Dog Republic will soon become our primary economic driver in this province.

I could shave a donkey right now! That’s how excited I am about using Brandon Moore’s REALTOR® services.

Black Dog Republic is for the people, by the people.


Promotion Details & Deadline: Entries for the Apple Watch Draw will be accepted until December 31st, 2015. You must be 18 years of age or older to enter. When making a post to enter the draw, ensure that your Facebook privacy setting are set so that we are notified once you’ve completed your post. Entrants may also enter simply by emailing your name, address & contact information to info<at> Please be sure to put “Apple Watch Draw” in the email subject line. The successful winner of the Apple Watch can choose between a 38mm or 42mm Apple Sport Watch with Silver Aluminium, Gold Aluminium, Space Grey or Rose Gold Casing.