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We are giving away 1 of 4 trip destinations, Saskatoon!

If you’ve never heard of us before, we are Black Dog Republic – your local Saskatoon real estate brokerage! Just like the large multi-national brokerage brands, we offer a full range of REALTOR® services, as well as MLS® representation. What makes us different is our commitment to the Saskatoon community, how we reward our clients, & how competitive our rates are! Continue reading

The Real Saskatoon MLS® Players

Black Dog Republic MLS® Saskatoon Homes For Sale

If you grew up in the industrialized world, chances are you’ve played the game of Monopoly more than once. Some may think it’s just another board game, but to me it’s more than that. On a micro scale, it provides an opportunity to make decisions & formulate strategies on how to deal with a basic human constraint that we all must cope with on a daily basis – scarcity. Continue reading

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